from humble beginnings

Chef Sandro Isabella

Born in Calabria, Italy, and with cooking as a focal point of his childhood, Chef Sandro knew his career path early on. He completed his training at L'Istituto Alberghiero Di Stato in Vibo Valentia, Calabria, and was classically trained by master Chef Michael D'Agostino. He has developed his culinary expertise through his over 25-year career, and is a master of authentic Italian cuisine.

His pasta is made simply from semolina and water, as well as free-range eggs on request - but it's his process, skill, and technical knowledge that makes it the perfect staple for any of his home-made sauces. When cooked to perfection, the final product embodies exactly what Italian cuisine is about: a simple, but flavourful dish.

Over his career, Chef Sandro has passionately presented his "art on a plate" in restaurants, taking people's tastebuds on his gourmet journey. Today, he allows you to take the same journey at home, through your own art on a plate.

Graziella Madau

Graziella's love for making the perfect focaccia blossomed from a young age. Growing up, she watched as her parents dedicated their weekends to baking and delivering dozens of loaves of bread to family and friends. Though always immersed in her mother's world as a chef, it was a spring afternoon in 2009 that marked the beginning of her journey creating the perfect focaccia.

After a relaxing family lunch at her Zia Teresa's house in San Giovanni Friuli, Italy, her cousin Matteo presented her with a treasured family heirloom: the focaccia recipe, passed down generations. Knowing she was equipped with the perfect base recipe, Graziella dedicated the next 10 years to fine tuning her dough to achieve the light and fluffy texture that everyone raves about today.

If you're wondering how she achieves this, the key is 3-fold: fresh and local ingredients, 72 hours of patience as the yeast ferments and the dough rests to perfection, and a generous dose of love. She's certain that once you taste it, you'll understand… that's amore!